TAN  EXPRESS   - Look Good Feel Great...Get your Tan On with Us!
ND State Regulations
*Tanners must wear FDA approved eye wear.
*Tanners must show the Tan Express Tan Team FDA approved eye wear before tanning.
*ND State Law requires a  parent or legal guardian must sign a consent in the presence of the Tan Express Tan Team or have a notarized statement of  consent if the tanner is 14 years of age or under the age of 18.
*A tanner under the age of 14 must have a written order from a physician licensed in ND and needs to be accompanied be a parent or legal guardian for every tanning session. 
*Tanners must wait 24 hours between tans on Levels 1, 2 & 3 at Tan Express.
*Tanners must wait 48 hours between tans if using Level 4 at Tan Express and a tanners can not have tanned the day before if using Level 4.
*Levels of Tanning beds vary between tanning salons.
*Tanners can not exceed the maximum exposure tan time recommended by the tanning device manufacturer.