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*Look like you spent the day
on a tropical island...it's great to look SunTastic!!!
Great for engagement pictures, weddings, business meetings, birthdays, family & class reunions, graduation, prom, dance competitions, pageants, body building competitions, blend in bikini lines and farmer tans...treat yourself or surprise your loved one...Do you really need a reason to Look & feel your best with a Tan Express Spray Tan???
Call or text Jeri, the owner, to book your spraytan appointment with her today! 
 What should I do prior to getting a Spray Tan?
*For best results....Exfoliate your whole body once a day with exfoliating scrub and a loofah sponge and moisturize 3-5 times daily (apply 2-3 times in a row) with a lotion containing Vitamin E and Aloe (avoid oils) one week prior to your spray tan.. Keep in mind that dry skin flakes off easily and your spray tan is your outer layer…so the better you exfoliate and moisturize your skin before your spray tan….the better the results and the longer your spray tan will last! 
Do not exfoliate or lotion 5 hours prior to getting a spray tan.
 What if I'm planning to get a  Massage, Acrylic Nails, Manicure, Pedicure,Waxing and/or my Hair Done...
*Get an oil massage 24-48 hours prior to being sprayed. Make sure all massage oils have been exfoliated off so the spray tan takes. *Lotion Massages can be done 12-24 hours prior to being sprayed.*Acrylic nails, manicures and/or pedicures can be done the day before a spray tan…just remember if oils are used...tell the nail tech to skip using oils the day of your spray tan or wait 12-24 hours before being sprayed. (Remember no lotions 5 hours prior to being sprayed).  Pedicures, acrylic nails and manicures can be done right after your spray tan...but it will be a simple version because you can not soak your feet or hands in water until after your shower the next day…and remember to dry brush your acrylic nails clean before applying the polish or clear coat!  If you’re getting your nails or a pedicure the day after your spray tan...keep in mind that exfoliating and removing your skin callus will also take off your spray tan because your spray tan is your outer skin layer.  Also keep in mind to get your hair done before or the day after you shower off your spray tan...shampooing your hair right after your spray tan will cause your tan not to develop along your hair line and cause you to have a tan line. Hair removal should be done 24-48 hours prior to being sprayed if oils or gels or used during the procedure.  Also shave your legs, arms, etc. the day before you get sprayed with a new razor to avoid causing rough skin...also shaving the day before allows you to moisturize your legs before getting sprayed.
 When is it best for me to get Sprayed?
Plan the day before or two days before the occasion that you want to look tanned for!  If your skin is in great moisturized shape your spray tan should last 5-7 days…even up to 10-12 days if you continue to moisturize!  A little fading will occur each day…it should fade like a tan from the sun or tanning bed if you continue to moisturize!    

Can I get a Spray Tan if I am Pregnant?....Yes
Will a Spray Tan ruin my Tatoo's?.....No 
How does a Spray Tan work and how long does it take?
Jeri, the owner, will personally air brush you.  Airbrushing by hand gives you a nice detailed even tan.  The Tan Express Spray Tan System sprays a clear coat on with a bronzer that shows where the spray tan solution is being applied.  The clear coat will develop into a beautiful golden bronzed tan that you will Love to show off!
*Plan 20-30 minutes for your spray tan!!!
*Please come 5 minutes early to do paperwork for your first Spray Tan!!!
What should I plan to wear when I get my Spray Tan?
*The spray tan solution should rinse off your clothing if you decide to wear a swimsuit or underwear. *Males are required to wear something over their privates.*Females may go topless and/or bottomless or your bra/bikini top can be unhooked if your back needs to be sprayed lower then your bra strap to avoid tan lines.  Wear what makes you the most comfortable!Your spray tan will dry in a couple of minutes but it’s best to wear a strapless bra or to go without a bra after your spray tan if you are getting sprayed to wear a strapless or low cut dress. * Apply a clear coat of polish to your fingernails and toe nails.*Remove makeup prior to being sprayed...eye liner & mascara can stay on. (Reapply powder makeup if needed 15-30 minutes after being sprayed...no liquid foundation or moisturizers until after you shower.*Remove jewelry.*Put your hair up off your neck and forehead. 
What should I wear and do after my Spray Tan?
*Wear loose clothing and flip flops, unless it looks like it’s going to rain or snow…make sure to bring a bigger sweatshirt with a hood, loose shoes/boots and long sweatpants. We have an umbrella to walk you to your vehicle…just have a plan to get into your  house without getting wet!  After you shower…it’s no big deal…you just can’t get wet while your tan is developing.*Do not get wet or sweaty for at least 5-7 hours after your spray tan, but over night is best.  This also includes not washing your hands. *Do Not exfoliate your skin until your spray tan has faded…exfoliating will speed up the fading of your spray tan.*If you have a lovable little baby...make sure they don’t spit up on you...place a thick towel on your shoulder.*Be careful when you brush your teeth the day you get your spray tan…careful not to let water drip down your chin.  Also, do not wash or put moisturizer on your face until after your shower the next day. 
How can I get rid of Self Tanners that I applied myself before
 I get a Tan Express Spray Tan?
*Mix per lemon juice with your body wash and scrub the areas that need it and apply extra moistuirizer...do this 5-7 hours prior to being sprayed or the day before is best.
It’s really simple…Exfoliate & Moisturize…before your spray tan…Don’t Get Wet after your spray tan and wait 8 hours or shower the next day…just rinse with warm water in the shower ...your spray tan will continue to develop up to 24 hours after your spray tan has been applied even after your shower…Moisturize from your head to your toes 2-3 times morning and night after your warm shower rinse!!!
Enjoy Lookin’ TanTastic wearing a Tan Express Spray Tan!!!
*Weekend Spray Tans are paid for in advance and refunds only if canceled 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment!   
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