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Tan Express Indoor Tanning Tips
Tan Time
*Plan to tan 3 times a week every other day for 3-4 weeks to reach maximum tanning results.
*Tan once/twice a week to maintain your tan depending on your skin type and which level of tanning bed and/or stand-up you are using.
*Do Not tan indoors and outdoors on the same day.
Tanning in Level 3
*Skip 2 days between tans once your tan time has reached ½ the amount of exposure time, skip 3-4 days between tans once your tan time has reached ¾ the amount of exposure time and tan once every 5-7 days when you reach the maximum exposure time depending on your skin type.      
Tanning in Level 4
*You can not tan the day before or after…it takes a full 48 hours for your tan to completely develop.  *Skip 2 days between tans once your tan time has reached ½ the amount of exposure time, skip 3-4 days between tans once your tan time has reached ¾ the amount of exposure time and tan once every 5-7 days when you reach the maximum exposure time depending on your skin type.
*Reserve your tan time in Level Four only…Call 222-4353 x #1 to book your tanning appointment in the Universe or Tan Up.
Indoor Lotions
*Use an Indoor Tanning Lotion recommended by Tan Express to help moisturize, prepare your skin for UV exposure and help you reach maximum results of a beautiful bronzed suntan.
*Outdoor tanning lotions and oils are not allowed…it may prevent tanning results and ruin the acrylics.
*Tanning lotion with a “Bronzer” adds more color to your skin.  Your tan will appear faster and last longer! 
*Never use a tanning lotion with a bronzer or tingle if you have sensitive skin.
*Never use lotions with a “tingle” on your face.
*When using a lotion with a bronzer…use the moisturizing lotion in the tanning room on your hands and between your fingers first and then use a wet one to wipe your hands and between your fingers after you apply the bronzing lotion to avoid staining dry skin areas. 
*Using a tanning lotion with hemp adds extra moisture to your skin.
*If taking medications…check the medication list posted on the back wall located at the front desk and also check with your Doctor/pharmacist to avoid a reaction from UV light.
*Wind burn…treat it as a sunburn!  Do not tan your face, neck or other wind burn areas…the UV light may cause burning!
*If you have sensitive skin to the sunlight….you may also be sensitive to indoor tanning.
*If your skin is sensitive from cleaners…ask us for a wet towel to wipe the bottom acrylic before you tan to avoid getting a rash. *Fair skin tanners….Tan for less time!
Attention to all tanners...it’s a myth that you need to burn first before you tan.  (A red or pinkish tinge is a burn which means over exposure and may damage your skin…do not tan area’s that are pink and/or red).  A red/pinkish tinge will only dry out your skin…dry skin flakes off…therefore you will loose your tan…so be a Smart Tanner and always remember to tan in moderation. It takes your body 12-24 hours to reproduce your melaninn to allow the tanning process...that is why we recommend tanning every other day to build your tan...it's the way our bodies are made.  Be a Smart Tanner!!!
*If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before tanning.  Be sensible…you may want to decrease your tanning time to avoid getting to hot…take care of those hormones!!!
*If you plan to tan in the nude, cover previously unexposed areas with the TeeNee Bikini, your Sock or towel for the majority of your tanning session for the first few visits.  Reusable gel nipple covers are also available to protect sensitive skin from burning, cracking, drying from UV exposure.  Gradually increase exposure to these areas, giving the skin time to rebuild melanin production.  Also remember to wear the same style of clothing to cover up each time you tan.
*To prevent acrylic nails/ French manicures from turning yellow…purchase Nail Savers.
*To keep your hair from fading/bleaching…purchase a solar cap.
*Prevent burning of new scars/fresh scratches and avoid the fading of your tattoo(s) by applying our SPF Lip Balm or Face Guard on those areas before tanning.  Also apply SPF to your lips…lips do not produce melanin and may burn easily.
*Do not tan your face, eye brows, bikini line, etc. after having a wax…allow 24-48 hours before tanning to prevent burning the freshly waxed areas.
*Contact lenses may be worn while tanning indoors when proper protective FDA approved eyewear is worn, it is impossible for UV light to penetrate to the eyes or lens.  If your eyes become dry to the heat generated while tanning, use eye drops to moisturize your eyes, or for your comfort remove your contact lenses.
*Hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water and moisturize-moisturize-moisturize daily... moisturized skin is key to having a great tan.  Your tan is your outside skin layer…if your skin is dry…dry skin flakes off causing your tan to fade.
*Exfoliate 1-2 times weekly before and during indoor tanning and remember to moisturize morning and evening.
*Always use a sharp razor when shaving…using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream sometimes will soften your hair and give you a closer shave and you may not have to shave as often.
*Gals avoid the browning of the mustache look by exfoliating the fine dry skin on your upper lip and jaw line.