Custom airbrush tanning by appointment.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Call or text Jeri at 701.220.8212
Thursdays & Fridays: Call or text Megan at 701.661.0516

** Megan will be out on Maternity Leave until October 3rd. Jeri will be taking appointments while she is away enjoying her new baby! **


Pura spray tan booth by appointment or walk in.

During regular business hours: Call Tan Express at 701.222.4353

What should I do prior to getting a Spray Tan?

For best results, exfoliate your whole body once a day with exfoliating scrub and a loofah sponge. Moisturize 3-5 times daily (apply 2-3 times in a row) with a lotion containing Vitamin E and Aloe (avoid oils) starting one week prior to your spray tan.  The more you exfoliate and moisturize your skin before your spray tan, the better the results and the longer your spray tan will last! 
*Do not exfoliate or lotion 5 hours prior to getting your spray tan.

* If you plan to get a wax, manicure, or pedicure it is best to do it the day before your spray tan.

When is it best for me to get sprayed?

Plan one or two days before the occasion that you want to look tanned for!  If your skin is in great moisturized shape your spray tan should last 5-7 days.  A little fading will occur each day. It should fade like a tan from the sun or tanning bed if you continue to moisturize!

Wear loose clothing and flip flops. Do not get wet or sweaty for at least 5-7 hours after your spray tan. Do not shower or wash your hands for a minimum of 8 hours after your spray tan. Do not exfoliate your skin until your spray tan has faded, exfoliating will speed up the fading of your spray tan. Do not wash or put moisturizer on your face until after your shower the next day.

What should I wear
and do after my
Spray Tan?